I'll Show You How to ​Build $15K, $35k or Even $100,000 in Business Credit Lines FAST...

Even if your business is new, you have no cashflow and your personal credit score isn't good.

Hey There Small Business Owner...

Why are you putting your blood, sweat, tears AND PERSONAL CASH into your business???


What happens when those funds are depleted and your main piece of equipment breaks?


That's what happened to me.


I had no leverage, I was using all my personal cash from my 9-5 J.O.B. to fund my dreams and I was giving it my all to make the business work ... but I still didn't know how to get ahead.


Sadly, that first business crashed and burned.


Fortunately, I didn't give up and in my next go-around, I realized what was missing:



A.K.A. Business Lines of Credit


If you can't put your hands on at least $15,000 in business credit lines or cards right now, keep reading ...



Hey There Fellow CEO and Business Owner!

How long have you been “on the verge of” or “about to” get things right for your business?


I’ve been there.


But once I learned this ONE thing, everything changed:


The success of your business does not depend on cash flow: it depends on leverage.

Either you have the leverage,
​or you need to get the leverage.


It’s that simple.


Leverage took me from a failing business to having over $100,000 in available business credit ... NOT counting the two business vehicles I've purchased


Are you a business owner who....


  • Has been lost on how to build business credit and exhausted trying to figure it out on your own?
  • Is just starting out in business and wanting to start off on the right foot?
  • Is wondering why you keep getting denied business credit but still willing to do it right?
  • Is ready to separate your business from your personal assets?
  • Wants to make their business a legalized asset that can stand on its own?



The Big Business Bootcamp helps you transform your business into a credit worthy and foundationally strong organization!


Maybe you're ready to take your business to the next level but...


Your business is all over the place. You want to be legit and compliant, so you don't have to stress over the small things. And you've been looking for a place to get all the "THINGS" of having the business basics completed and off your to-do-list so  you can move forward with running your business the right way.


Check out what's inside the

Big Business Bootcamp

Take my word for it. You don't want to spend years trying to figure this out and wasting valuable time. You’ll learn exactly how to legalize your side hustle so you have a  solid foundation.


This Bootcamp was created for....

  • Brand new business owners wanting to start their company the right way.

  • Entrepreneurs paying cash for every transaction.

  • CEO's who are destroying their personal credit to build their business.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to get their business together to thrive.

  • Entrepreneurs paying cash for every transaction.

  • Business owners havent completely separated their business from their personal.

  • Business owners who have no leverage with their company and are ready to get things together. (Side note: Your business should be an asset even with no money coming in)


  • The Ceo who is ready to Fast track this process and stop guessing, need help, accountability partner, tired of waiting and need the guidance to get to high credit limits.


Don't Do This Backwards! 


Maybe you will do it on your own but discover years later that you need to go back and fix it. That’s going to cost you. I KNOW because that’s what happened to me!


Join the Big Business Bootcamp and let's get it right!

Here's What You'll Get

Save Time, Save Money

Legalize Your Business, Create a Strong Foundation, Build Your Business Credit

  • Access to each module listed above

    Access all content once paid

  • Step by Step Video Guide

    We go through every application in detail together so you complete each form and get it submitted and DONE!

  • Weekly Group Calls

    Get all your questions answered each week so you leave no stone unturned! 

  • Lifetime Access

    Don't worry if you miss instruction, all material is available until you are ready to go through it.

  • The Works

    Every application needed to make your entrepreneur life easier! 


Hello! I'm Sabrina Green,

founder of Legacy Financial Services.


I created the LLC Formation Guide as part of my overall mission to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business owners and everyday people just like you get rid of their financial stress and walk into their financial winning season. 


I spent 11 years in corporate accounting, helping small and large companies with their accounting, keeping track of their finances and helping them maintain a healthy cash flow. I started Legacy Financial Services as a side-hustle in 2017 so that I could help individuals in my community can have access to the same kind of resources that big corporations do.


I knew that I needed to be able to replace my day job income before I left. I didn’t quite expect it to happen so fast, but in just 18 months, I not only matched my 9 to 5 pay, but DOUBLED it! I left the corporate world and never looked back.


Since then, I’ve served hard-working individuals who needed financial education and just a little assistance in keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.


Now I’m also serving side-hustlers, solopreneurs and business owners who need help with their business financial education so that they can grow their business and create a legacy for themselves and their family.


My passion is to help people get clear on their current financial position and increase their wealth from there. I’m an expert in accounting, budgeting, credit repair, and family protection.


My goal is to build a million dollar business for myself and to create those same level of results for others.


I  help individuals grow through gaining knowledge and taking action to achieve their financial goals of getting out of debt, purchasing a home, establishing savings, and improving their credit score.   


I show business owners how to plan and build their structure, and to create growth and financial success so that they can establish an entrepreneurial legacy of their own.

Packages designed for every stage of business

Business Credit


If your business is set up but you need credit! Includes Modules 1 & 2

Big Business Bootcamp


Complete Business Setup and Credit Bootcamp

Includes All the Modules in the  Bootcamp

Done For You Business Setup

We'll DO EVERYTHING for You Include Business Credit Lines! 

Here's What People Are Saying About
The Big Business Bootcamp,
​Legacy Financial and Sabrina Green ...

Absolutely incredible service!!!!


"... helped me with everything from understanding finances to raising my credit by over 100+ points. Highly recommended."

Stefanie Sims, Fresno, CA

Sabrina was very patient.


"Hands on and informational! I immediately started to see results. Legacy Financial Services always go above and beyond for their clients."

Ashante Smallwood, Fresno

You will not be disappointed.


"Sabrina gets the job done."


Anneka Hawkins, Fresno, CA

I thought it would be hard, but...

"I never thought I needed an LLC. And I thought it would be difficult and expensive. Sabrina showed me that it is NOT!"


Beth Bridges, Clovis, CA